Many people hail Cristiano Ronaldo as Manchester United’s best player in the last decade ahead of Wayne Rooney. Is it accurate?

I’m not taking anybody’s side, but I do think Wayne Rooney’s importance to Man Utd at times overlooked especially when people compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo and more recently, Robin van Persie who has been scoring important goals lately for his new team.

As you can see from the stats comparing Wayne Rooney vs Cristiano Ronaldo above, Rooney’s ratio of goals per game actually better than Ronnie’s during his time at United with 0.51 vs 0.43 goals per game.

That already included the time Rooney spent as a supporting cast behind Ruud van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo, Chicharito and now Robin van Persie.

But it is exactly from this position that he is able to score a lot more assists per game than CR7 with 0.24 vs 0.16 assists per game in Wayne’s favor which shows Rooney is more a team player who creates chances for his teammates than a goalgetter.

So far, Rooney still needs to score 15 more goals to equal the legendary Dutch bomber, Ruud van Nistelrooy’s 150 goals record for the Red Devils.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the other hand, is competing on a whole different level against the greatest player on earth, Lionel Messi. That ought to say something, eh?

Based on this stat comparison, which one is your better player? Rooney or Ronaldo? Would you switch Rooney for Ronaldo now?



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