Jimenez fired for abusing a dog

Jimenez fired for abusing a dog

A soccer player got red-carded after tying to throw a dog off the pitch against the fence. He also got fired from his team and lost his job.

Joseph Jimenez was released by Bella Vista, his (former) club and then lost his job after the video of him throwing the dog went public.

“I feel very bad, I don’t know how to apologize, I am really sorry”, said Jimenez. He was sent off immediately after he grabbed the dog by its neck and threw it against the fence and drew anger from watching fans and other players.

At that time, his team was losing 2-1, and while he and his teammates were fighting to level the score, the home team threw a dog into the field.

Angered by the attempt to ruin the game, he decided to grab the dog quickly and wanted to get it out so they can get back into the game.

There is nothing wrong with that, but the way he grabbed the dog and threw it that became a problem and now he is seen as low as a criminal in his country.

He apologized on his team’s website, but it was too late, now nobody wants to hire him because of his reputation as animal abuser.

By the way, the dog is fine now as you can see from the picture below:

abused dog is fine now

Watch the GIF of Josep Jimenez throwing the dog and then got red-carded below:




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