Daffa Real Madrid captain from Indonesia
After Yussa Nugraha and Tristan Alif’s talents got recognized by elite European clubs, now it’s Muhammad Daffa Imran’s turn to show off by captaining Real Madrid U-15.

Daffa, became Real Madrid U-15′s captain after impressing the coaches at the European Champions’ training ground.

The talented Indonesian boy, who was born on August 18, 1999, had to go through rigorous process before being trusted with the armband.

“At first, the player who used to be our captain was injured, so the coach picked me as the captain. Ever since, even though that player has recovered, I have sealed that armband for myself.”, said Daffa.

“I am so proud and I will do my best to stay here for my dreams. The most important thing however, is the blessing and support from my parents. I must keep what I have and I will fight for it”, added the defensive midfielder.

See, when you have a dream, you can make it come true, let’s not give up on our hopes and dreams, hopefully Daffa can lead Indonesia to glories in the future.



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