Dzeko shirt vs ArsenalEdin Dzeko shows off shirt saying Za Moje Mahalce after scoring a goal for Man City vs Arsenal. What does it mean?

It’s For Friends From My Neighborhood, as we know, Dzeko was from a war ridden neighborhood and many of his friends suffered from the war between Serbia and Bosnia when he was little.

He mentioned in his interview before that he still remembers how he was kicking ball with his friends in his war torn neighborhood among the building ruins.

This is to tell his friends and his town in Bosnia that even though he has made it big, he hasn’t forgotten them. How sweet.

For those wondering why he didn’t get a yellow card, Dzeko only showed off a message under his shirt, he didn’t take off his shirt which is a bookable offense.

But seeing the trends of showing messages like this and TV camera already refusing to shoot the messages, looks like this could be banned in the future as well.



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