Robin van Persie got hit in the head by Swansea's Williams

Robin van Persie got hit in the head by Swansea’s Williams

Watch how Ashley Williams intentionally hit the ball straight to Robin van Persie’s head in GIF. Very dirty indeed, no wonder RVP lost it.

van Persie got up immediately and tried to pick a fight in front of the referee, which was not the best idea. I would have liked to see van Persie fight Williams toe to toe and see who comes on top, but this ain’t a UFC match, it’s a soccer match. Shame.

Both Robin van Persie and Ashley Williams got yellow-carded for violent conduct, but in van Persie’s defense, I can totally understand why he got so upset. It could have caused concussion, and it could be fatal to RVP’s brain.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson said that Williams could have killed van Persie, “It’s most dangerous thing I’ve seen on a football field for years. He could’ve been killed and I think the FA has got to look at it. He should be banned for a long long time”

Had no idea what was in Williams’ head, if that was Pepe, I could see it coming, but coming from a Swansea player? hmm….

The game ended Swansea 1-1 Man Utd, you can watch the goals and highlights here.

What the GIF of Williams drilled the ball to Van Persie’s head below.
van persie hit in the head GIF

you can see Ashley Williams' eyes fixed on the ball and aimed at van Persie's head

you can see Ashley Williams’ eyes fixed on the ball and aimed at van Persie’s head



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