La Masia overseas kids got sent home
Remember a couple of years ago, FIFA investigated Barcelona for poaching young players from around the world and given them transfer ban? now they told Barca that these youth players from Korea, Japan and America that they are no longer allowed to train and live at La Masia.

A couple of years back, FIFA started an investigation to see if Barça broke the rules with international transfers of youth players. Players under the age of 16 (EU) or 18 (non-EU) are basically not allowed to move to European clubs outside their country unless they move for reasons unrelated to football.

Finding out that Barça indeed did break some rules, they banned the players in question to play official matches for the youth teams at FC Barcelona.

These are the players: Theo Chendri (France), Paik (South-Korea), Jang (South-Korea) and Lee (South-Korea), Bobby Adekanye (the Netherlands, now at Liverpool), Takefusa Kubo (Japan, back to Tokyo FC), Kais Ruis (France, back to PSG), Patrice Sousia (Cameroon) and Ben Lederman (USA, going to Florida).

Most of the kids still stayed at the club for a while, knowing that they were still allowed to play friendlies and friendly tournaments happen often at youth level. After a while, FIFA also decided to ban these players from playing there as well.

A few months after that, the ban also hit the first team: Barça got the transfer ban, meaning that they wouldn’t be allowed to sign players for 2 transfer windows. This ban expired after September.

Starting this week, FIFA decided that the kids weren’t being punished enough and actually informed Barça that the kids can’t train or even live at the club.

Patrice Sousia, who is from Cameroon and basically has nothing in Spain except for Barça, this meant that he had to move out of his house at La Masia (Barça’s youth academy). Since he had nowhere to go, the parents of one of his ex-teammates (Alex Collado) offered him a place to stay.

This all is under the rulings of ‘protecting the kids’.



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