Best XI to never win the Champions League

Above is the best eleven players and a manager who are known for their world class status but never win the Champions League. One of them is probably cursed with never gonna win the UCL, who is it? I think it’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Ibra was famously known as telling his Inter teammates that they won’t win anything without him on his last day in training before moving to Barcelona to pursue the Champions League trophy, and yet Jose Mourinho’s team won the Treble (UCL, Serie A & Coppa Italia) the following summer after he left.

After a year at Barca, he left them to AC Milan and Barcelona won the Champions League again the following summer. Curse? maybe.

Gigi Buffon on the other hand, has a chance to win it this year as Juventus are drawn to Real Madrid, and Italian clubs are well known to have good records against Spanish clubs.

the rest of the players are retired, but it’s such a shame that one of the greatest players of all time, Ronaldo (Brazil) never won it.

Arsene Wenger will have a few more years to win the elusive big ear trophy, but he will have to spend more in making his squad even better equipped to not lose from away goal anymore.



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