Are these the leaked new Arsenal’s home, away and third kit/jersey for season 2013/2014?

First of all, I think they look decent. Above is Arsenal home jersey season 2013-2014.

The home kit will be a navy colored round neck with stripes on the shoulders against plain shoulders on current home kit.

It will follow The Gunners’ traditional hot red torso with white sleeves. This time, instead of navy and red stripes around the sleeves, there will be only one, navy, rounding the sleeve with thinner vertical navy stripes going up to the shoulder with EPL logo on them.

The Adidas logo will also be in navy blue on the top right side, with Arsenal logo in the middle of the chest instead of on the left side with thick navy blue and white stripes across the chest under the Arsenal logo.

As for the home shorts, there will be half vertical red stripes on the sides of the shorts, with the numbers in navy blue right above the Adidas logo, and Arsenal logo on the other side.

Arsenal’s away kit for season 2014 will follow the same design as their 2014 home kit, but instead of red torso, it will be white torso while the sleeves remain white and the stripes across the chest will be red and navy instead of navy and white.

Arsenal’s third kit 2013-2014 design will be slightly different. While the club logo remains in the middle, there won’t be any stripes across the chest.

The whole jersey will be in solid navy blue with red stripes on the sleeves and the round neck will also be in red color.

Look at Arsenal away jerset and third jersey 2013/2014 below, and tell us how you like the design.

How are these compared to Arsenal’s kit for season 2012/2013?


Arsenal away kit 2014


Arsenal third kit 2014



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